Auto Brake Repair in Columbia, South Carolina


Indicators of Brake Issues

Brake issues are no joking matter. If your brake light comes on, it’s important to find out why. Squeaking and screeching when braking indicates issues with your brakes. Additionally, if you smell burning while braking, you have to push harder on the brake or your steering wheel feels like it’s vibrating, contact our office. We’ll inspect your brakes and make sure it’s safe for you to drive.

Call the Experts in Brake Repair

At Action Transmission & Total Auto Care, we only employ experienced, highly trained mechanics. Our team is knowledgeable, and our services are affordable. Because we are a licensed and insured business, you can be certain that you’ll receive high-quality service and repairs that will last. Contact our office today to request an estimate, or swing by our shop for a quick tuneup.

Keep Our Roads Safe

At Action Transmission & Total Auto Care, we do everything we can to promote safe and responsible driving. That’s why we offer affordable brake checks and repairs. Let’s all do our part to ensure safe driving for everyone on the road. Start here and now. Contact Action Transmission & Total Auto Care today to schedule a brake check and repair.

Keep our roads safe by ensuring your brakes are in tiptop shape. At Action Transmission & Total Auto Care, we provide expert brake evaluations and repairs. Call us today to request a free estimate and to schedule a repair.